First Date 14.90
Inside: Deep fried shrimp, real crab, spicy tuna and avocado wrapped with soybean paper
On top: Tuna, salmon and hamachi with unagi sauce, spicy mayo & green onion

Camden Roll 13.90
Inside: Spicy real crab and avocado
On top: Salmon, tuna & macadamia nut with unagi sauce

Dragon Roll 13.90
Inside: Real crab and deep fried shrimp tempura
On top: Unagi, avocado and unagi sauce

Red Dragon 13.90
Inside: Real crab, deep fried shrimp & unagi
On top: Spicy tuna, tobiko with unagi sauce

Paul’s Roll 13.90
Inside: Spicy red crab & avocado
On top: Tuna, salmon, hamachi, white tuna & cooked shrimp with unagi sauce


Judy Roll 13.90
Inside: Spicy tuna & macadamia nut
On top: Tuna & tobiko


Shima Roll 13.90
Inside: Spicy tuna & cucumber
On top: Tuna, salmon, hamachi & crunch with unagi sauce & spicy sauce

Rainbow 12.90
Inside: Deep fried shrimp & cucumber
On top: Tuna, salmon, shrimp, unagi, avocado with unagi sauce

Flying Dragon Roll $13.90
Inside: Shrimp tempura, Cucumber
On top: Tuna, eel, avocado, tobiko with unagi sauce

Sura Roll 14.90
Inside: Hamachi, unagi and avocado
On top: Hamachi, tobiko, macadamia nut with wasabi sauce

Sunny Roll 10.90
Inside: Salmon, avocado, and cucumber
On top: Mango, tobiko, and wasabi sauce

Caribbean Roll 12.90
Inside: Crab meat & avocado
On top: Tuna and mango

Jackpot 13.90
Inside: Spicy salmon, cucumber, and unagi
On top: Salmon, jalapeño, with wasabi sauce, unagi sauce, macadamia nut and tobiko


Kiko Roll 13.90
Inside: Spicy white tuna, cucumber, and unagi
On top: white tuna, jalapeño, unagi sauce, tobiko, wasabi sauce, and macadamia nut


Royal Roll 14.90
Inside: Deep-fried soft-shell crab, avocado and unagi
On top: salmon, tobiko, onion, wasabi sauce and macadamia nut

Dora Dora 8.90
Inside: Tuna, hamachi, salmon & avocado
On top: Tobiko

Storm Bringer 13.90
Inside: Deep fried soft shell crab and cucumber
On top: Albacore, salmon, eel, avocado & tobiko

Sunrise 13.90
Inside: Salmon & avocado
On top: Tuna

Mexican Roll 13.90
Inside: California roll
On top: White tuna, spicy tuna, jalapeño and spicy mayo sauce

Sunset 13.90
Inside: Tuna & avocado
On top: Salmon

Pink Lady 13.90
Inside: Shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, cucumber & cream cheese
On top: Tuna, salmon, escolar & spicy mayo sauce

Tropical Sunset Roll 13.90
Inside: Hamachi & avocado
On top: Tuna, salmon & grilled eel

Green dragon 12.90
Inside: Real crab, deep fried shrimp & cucumber
On top: Avocado, tobiko with unagi sauce


Volcano Salmon 12.90
Inside: Crab meat & avocado
On top: Baked salmon, tobiko& spicy mayo sauce

Krispy Sweet 8.90
Inside: Tuna, hamachi, salmon & avocado
On top: Deep fried and unagi sauce

Super California Roll 10.90
Inside: Crab meat & avocado
On top: Grilled eel, avocado & unagi sauce
Crunch Roll 8.90
Inside: Deep fried shrimp tempura & avocado
On top: Crunch, tobiko & unagi sauce
911 Roll 11.90
Inside: Spicy fish, cream cheese & jalapeños
Deep fried roll with sweet & spicy sauce and tobiko

Volcano Scallop 12.90
Inside: Crab meat & avocado
On top: Spicy chopped scallop & tobiko
Sweet Caterpillar Roll 11.90
Inside: Grilled eel & cucumber
On top: Avocado, tobiko & unagi sauce

Godzilla 13.90
Inside: Spicy tuna, cucumber covered with avocado then deep fried roll
On top: Spicy crab meat and unagi sauce, green onion and tobiko

Caterpillar Roll 11.90
Inside: Real crab & deep fried shrimp tempura
On top: Avocado and unagi sauce

Snow White Roll 9.90
Inside: Deep fried white tuna, cream cheese & avocado
On top: Spicy mayo and chili sauce


Vege Caterpillar Roll 12.90
Inside: Cucumber, lettuces, wild carrot & mango
On top: Avocado & soybean paper


Avocado Roll 4.50
Inside: Avocado
Oshinko Roll 4.00
Inside: Pickled radish
Kappa Roll 3.90
Inside: Cucumber
Vege Roll 5.90
Inside: Avocado, cucumber, lettuces and wild carrot

Hand Rolls

Spicy tuna 6.50
Spicy tuna, cucumber & sprouts
California 5.50
Soft crab meat, & avocado
Hamachi 6.50
Yellow tail & Green onion
Salmon Skin 5.00
Grilled Salmon Skin & Vegetables
Unagi 6.50
Grilled eel, Avocado & Sauce


Fresh Seafood or vegetable rolled with rice and seaweed cut into 4-6 pieces
49’ers Roll 13.90
Inside: Crab meat & avocado
On top: Salmon with lemon

Alaska Roll 7.90
Inside: Salmon & avocado

Bonsai Roll 11.90
Inside: Shrimp temp., crab, cucumber avocado wrapped with soybean paper
On top: Unagi sauce & tobiko

California Roll 5.90
Inside: Crab meat & avocado

Cherry Blossom 13.90
Inside: Spicy tuna and deep fried shrimp
On top: Fresh tuna

Dynamite Roll 7.90
Inside: Deep fried spicy tuna
On top: Tobiko, unagi sauce & sesame seeds

Fire Crab 9.90
Inside: Shrimp temp, avocado & spicy real crab
On top: Tobiko and wasabi sauce

Friends Roll 12.90
Inside: Real crab & deep fried shrimp
On top: Salmon, tuna with unagi sauce

Futo Maki 12.90
Inside: Avocado, cucumber, crab, spinach, tamago, pickled radish & wild carrot

Golden California 7.90
Inside: Deep fried California roll
On top: Unagi sauce & spicy mayo

Hamachi Maki 6.90
Inside: Hamachi & green onion

Kani Roll 8.90
Inside: Real snow crab, mayo & avocado

Philadelphia Roll 8.90
Inside: Smoked salmon, cream cheese & avocado

Spicy Crunch Roll 10.90
Inside: Unagi, crab, avocado, & crunch
On top: Spicy mayo and unagi sauce

Salmon Skin Roll 5.90
Inside: Grilled salmon skin, cucumber and unagi sauce

Spicy Scallop Roll 7.90
Inside: Spicy scallop, tobiko, avocado & mayo

Spicy Tuna Roll 7.90
Inside: Spicy tuna & cucumber

Spider Roll 10.90
Inside: Soft shell crab, cucumber, wild carrot, crab, avocado and tobiko

Tekka Maki 5.90
Inside: Tuna

Tempura Roll 7.90
Inside: Shrimp tempura, avocado, snow crab and unagi sauce

Tuna & Avocado Roll 7.90
Inside: Tuna & avocado

Unagi Roll 7.90
Inside: Grilled eel & avocado
On top: Unagi sauce