From Kitchen


Edamame 5.00
Steamed green soybean

Seaweed Salad 5.90
Seasoned, cold crunch seaweed


Asparagus Beef 8.90
Beef and asparagus rolled with teriyaki sauce

Chicken Yakitori 8.50
Grilled chicken skewers w/ teriyaki sauce

Hamachi Kama 11.90
Grilled yellow tail jaw

Korean B.B.Q. 15.90
Thinly sliced marinated beef rib

Deep Fried

Age-dashi Tofu 6.95
Fried tofu served with bonito flakes

Calamari Ring 7.90
Deep fried sliced squid

Tako Karage 8.50
Deep fried baby octopus with fried

Chicken Karage 8.50
Deep fried chicken slices

Gyoza (5pcs) 6.90
Fried or steamed, pork and vegetable pot stickers

Soft Shell Crab 11.50
Breaded crab, served with delicious dipping sauce

Shrimp Tempura (3pcs) 7.90
Crispy fried battered shrimps

Combo Tempura 7.90
Crispy fried battered shrimps & vegetable

Vegetable Tempura (5pcs) 7.50
Crispy fried battered vegetables

From Sushi Bar

Spicy Green Mussel 5.90
Half shelled mussels cooked and spicy sauce on top

Baked Green Mussel 6.50
Cooked green mussels with spicy-sweet sauce and tobiko

Hawaiian Pokey 12.90
Tuna, carrot & onion mixed with spicy-sweet sauce

Spicy Tuna Salad 12.90
Mixed tuna, lettuces, tobiko with spicy sauce

Melting Albacore 11.90
Inside: Crab with mayo
On top: White tuna, tobiko, sesame, ponze and sesame oil


Served with slices cucumber with sauce

Real Crab 9.50
Ebi 8.50
Tako 8.50
Cucumber 7.00


Albacore or Katsuo 13.90
Seared albacore or katsuo, tobiko, spicy & sweet sauce, ponze sauce

Tuna 14.90
Seared tuna, tobiko, spicy & sweet sauce, ponze sauce


Tako or Saba (4 pcs) 9.00

Hirame (4 pcs) 10.50

Tuna, Salmon, Hamachi, White Tuna, Wahu or Katsuo (4 pcs) 10.00

Assorted Sashimi (9 pcs) 17.90

Toro, Mirugai or Uni (4 pcs) Seasonal